CNN/YouTube debate poses no health-care questions

Despite the fact that most political polls describe health care as the No. 1 domestic issue, Wednesday’s CNN/YouTube debate for Republican presidential candidates did not contain  any mention of the topic.

What the candidates did talk about:

  • Illegal immigration
  • Abortion rights (or lack thereof, as it were)
  •  Gun control
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Imported toys containing lead
  • Crime and capital punishment
  • (And, of course) Iraq

Where to get coverage of the debate if you missed it:

What the bloggers are saying:

  • “When CNN airs a YouTube debate for Republican presidential hopefuls, you might think they’d select questions about the most important concerns Americans have,” wrote Buzz Flash blogger Joe Brewer. “After all, the questions were taken from everyday citizens with a video camera and access to the Web. But health care wasn’t mentioned.”
  • “I waited. And waited. And kept waiting,” wrote “nyceve” of the Daily Kos blog. But a single question about the plight of 47 million uninsured Americans, or the rest of us who have to wage an unending true holy war against the for-profit insurance industry, just didn’t make the CNN cut.”

Perhaps someone should have looked at the polls before selecting the questions. . .


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