McCain wants to bring drugs from Canada in order to lower health-care costs

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said on Saturday that he wants to re-allow the importation of prescription drugs from Canada as a way to lower health-care costs, according to a report by the Associated Press.

“Drug companies and the lobbyists they pay in Washington want to keep your drug prices high. Obviously, I want them to be affordable,” McCain said.

McCain also said that too much of the problem of expensive health care is based on expensive drug prices.

“If we are going to control health care cost, we need to control the rising costs of pharmaceuticals,” McCain said, adding that drug prices are 16 percent to 60 percent cheaper in Canada and are to blame for rising insurance premiums.

Details of McCain’s health-care plan: (see my post on McCain’s plan)

  • People need alternatives to doctors’ offices and hospitals, such as quick, inexpensive walk-in clinics, or using Web technology to allow doctors to practice across state lines
  • Hospitals must do a better job of taking care of us while we are there, and commit fewer deadly and costly medical errors
  • Pharmaceutical companies must worry less about squeezing more money out of old drugs by copying the last successful one, and concentrate more on innovative medicines
  • Insurance companies should spend more on health care and less on “administration”
  • Patients must only pay for quality
  • Veterans must receive better care
  • The billing system should be simplified – we should pay only one bill for quality health care, instead of a dizzying flurry of bills for pre-surgery visits, routine check-ups, lab work and prescriptions
  • Every provider of health care should be held accountable for its actions, and all medical transactions should be recorded in a transparent manner
  • Individuals and families should receive tax credits for having health insurance


Well, if McCain is right (and, judging from my own prescription experiences, he is), his plan to bring pharmaceuticals back in from Canada (they originate here) is an excellent plan to lower costs. Additionally, McCain said he is open to bringing drugs in from other countries, such as Mexico, as well, provided that we have proper safety protocol in place. Consider that Medicare and Medicaid are just about bankrupt, and consider the reason why – there are many, but expensive drugs are up there – and perhaps you’ll agree.


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