What about health care for college students?

With the recent SCHIP hullabaloo and the presidential candidates focusing on uninsured children and adults, it seems like there must be someone being left out… oh, yeah! The millions of full-time college students around the country, who may no longer qualify for their parents’ insurance (if their parents are even covered).

One such student is fighting back.

In an editorial in Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Collegian, Pennsylvania State University’s student newspaper, editorialist Mark Myers decried a need for universal health care so that students like himself may be covered.

Twenty-nine percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 are without health insurance,” Myers writes, “[either] because their employers don’t offer it, they can’t afford it or they are unemployed. I belong to the ‘unemployed’ category as a full-time college student.”

Sure, most colleges (including Northwestern University, where this blogger is a graduate student) offer some type of health insurance, but it’s not free.

“It costs $1,107 annually for students to be insured by the university,” Myers writes. “That’s a formidable price for a student who needs the assistance to pay tuition.”

(And, I might add, it’s about half the price of my own student-health plan.)

Could I borrow more money to cover health insurance? Sure,” Myers states in his editorial. “But should I have to saddle myself with additional long-term debt for something that many others around the world enjoy without worry?

Now that I, who did have to borrow more money for health coverage, think about it, Myers is right. What about us?


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