AMA goes after Medicare cash

In an editoral in its journal, “American Medical News,” the American Medical Association argued that Medicare Advantage (Medicare HMO plans) needs to be cut in order to fund some upcoming decreases in Medicare physician fees.

“Meanwhile, many more seniors could well be affected by physician pay that faces a staggering cut, currently estimated at about 10% for 2008, and 15% through 2009,” it read. “It’s no surprise that an AMA online survey of nearly 9,000 physicians, released in June, reports that about 60% of doctors say the cut will force them into the position, at the least, of having to limit the number of new Medicare patients they take.”

This means that seniors will certainly be at a disadvantage in finding quality medical care, which is exactly what presidential contenders are trying to combat. See what the Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review had to say.


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