Iraq, health care are major issues in 08 election: VOA

Voices of America writer Jim Malone reported Friday that experts believe the war in Iraq and health care will likely dominate the debates as the presidential campaign continues.

“Whenever there is a war that becomes the issue for a generation,” said one expert Malone quoted.

Iraq, but also typical Democratic concerns such as health care, for example, are on the list,” said another. “But given that candidates wind up having more or less similar positions on a host of issues, I think it does come down to factors such as personality and perceived electability.”

Is this a Democratic race?

According to experts in Malone’s article, Americans generally tend to like change after one party has been in control for eight years – and it doesn’t hurt the blue party that many Democratic issues, such as health care, seem to be at the top of the voter priority list.

Still, according to one expert Malone interviewed, in order to win the election, a Democratic candidate will have to show a strong record on foreign policy, considering that we may or may not be in the shadows of a recession because of the war in Iraq. For now, though, they seem to be ahead.


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