Hot Topics for Health Care 2008

Since this blog will address how the 2008 presidential candidates are handling the question of effective health care for Americans, these topics and more will be worth watching:

  • Universal health insurance: Many candidates are calling for every citizen to be required to have health insurance – this does not mean the government would provide that coverage for everyone, just that everyone should have it. See what the experts are saying about Hillary Clinton’s plan here.
  • Medicare: Senior citizens’ health care is another big issue. In this article, Gov. Bill Richardson anounced he has a new plan for senior citizens’ health care. In this one, Medicare announces it will recoup $4 billion from U.S. drug companies because spending was lower than expected.
  • Kids’ health: Barack Obama’s plan requires that only children participate in required health care. Here’s a “Huffington Post” blogger’s post on the fate of kids’ health care.

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